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Samstag, 22. August 2020 00:00:00 Technik News
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Scientists show that azobenzene-containing film, important for many industries, does not need to be made entirely of light-sensitive material to function.

Researchers have developed a viscous biopaste that is easy to process, solidifies quickly and is suitable for producing even complex structures using the 3D printing process.

Researchers reported trap mediated long-distance carrier transport beyond the limit of exciton in single-crystals. The carrier diffusion distance could be as long as 2 to 5 microns, which was on the same order of 3D perovskites and other traditional semiconductor quantum well materials.

A new study indicates that there is a strong connection between the makeup of a microbiome and the rate at which leaf litter can be decomposed to carbon dioxide or other products. It also identifies microbial traits linked to increased storage of carbon in soil.

At a distance of more than a thousand times the shadow of the black hole, the core of a plasma jet suddenly lit up. How the energy for this jet could get there as if through an invisible chimney was not yet known.

A novel magnetic tunnel junction which has four resistance states, instead of two states in existing magnetic tunnel junctions, may pave the way to novel spintronics devices, including multi-level magnetic memory.

Scientists report that the lipid-based nanoparticles they engineered, carrying two sets of protein-making instructions, showed in animal studies that they have the potential to function as therapies for two genetic disorders.

An upcoming NASA mission could find that there are more rogue planets - planets that float in space without orbiting a sun - than there are stars in the Milky Way, a new study theorizes.

Researchers summarize the recent progress in the application of rare earth-doped nanoparticles in the field of bio-imaging and tumor treatment and discuss the luminescent mechanism, properties, and structure design.

Researchers succeeded in making aerogels accessible to microelectronics and precision engineering: They show how 3D-printed parts made of silica aerogels and silica composite materials can be manufactured with high precision.

There are many things quantum dots could do, but the most obvious place they could change our lives is to make the colours on our TVs and screens more pristine.

Researchers have inferred continuous gravitational waves from a neutron star and have estimated the stellar microscopic deformation from a distance of about 4500 light-years.

Regenerative energy harvesting often generates more electricity than is directly needed. Although intensive research on the catalysts required for this has been going on for 20 years, progress is only being made in small steps.

Researchers discovered a way to bind and stack nanoscale clusters of copper molecules that can self-assemble and mimic these complex biosystem structures at different length scales. The clusters provide a platform for developing new catalytic properties that extend beyond what traditional materials can offer.

Researchers used an ultrathin graphene 'sandwich' to create a tiny magnetic field sensor that can operate over a greater temperature range than previous sensors, while also detecting miniscule changes in magnetic fields that might otherwise get lost within a larger magnetic background.

Scientists propose a new method to confine light in an atomically thin graphene layer by leveraging topological phenomena that occur at the interface of specially designed nanomaterials.

Physicists have proposed a thermometer based on quantum entanglement that can accurately measure temperatures a billion times colder than those in outer space.

Researchers have demonstrated a new technique that could engineer the band gap needed to improve the performance of semiconductors for next-generation electronics such as optoelectronics, thermoelectrics, and sensors.

New anti-bacterial surfaces are being developed, featuring different nanopatterns that mimic the deadly action of insect wings, but scientists are only beginning to unravel the mysteries of how they work.

Scientists summarize recent developments in the field of nanofiltration and provide guidance for potential future approaches to improve the selectivity of nanofiltration membranes.

Killer cosmic rays from nearby supernovae could be the culprit behind at least one mass extinction event, researchers said, and finding certain radioactive isotopes in Earth's rock record could confirm this scenario.

Understanding the alignment phenomena of a nematic liquid crystals on nanostructured surfaces remains an important area of research, as the alignment process determines the LC's molecular orientation and conformation - which influence the LC's optical and electro-optical characteristics in modern LCDs. Researchers report that an inorganic nanostructured surface - vertically aligned carbon nanotube arrays - can be employed as the alignment agent to design an electro-optic homeotropic LC device.

For the first time, scientists were able to observe how electronic charge excitation changes electron spin in metal oxides in an ultrafast and inphase manner.

Combined electrochemical-biotechnological processes provide a new way of using CO2 as a raw material for producing fuels and chemicals.

Researchers demonstrated that living MOF-plant nanobiohybrids can be used for the detection of various toxic metal ions and organic pollutants.

Defects turn common material into a highly efficient capacitor.

An international team of researchers have discovered a dense, cold gas that's been shot out from the centre of the Milky Way 'like bullets'.

Researchers have developed a prototype device that non-invasively detected COVID-19 in the exhaled breath of infected patients.

Scientists have developed a light-activated coating for filtration membranes - the kind used in water treatment facilities, at semiconductor manufacturing sites and within the food and beverage industry - to make them self-cleaning, eliminating the need to shut systems down in order to repair them.

One way to determine whether there is life on another planet is to look for biosignatures in the light that is scattered off its atmosphere. Scientists have developed an original model that interprets the results of that analysis.

Scientists have discovered a hitherto-unknown physical phenomenon in an artificial material made up of very thin layers of nickelates. This could be exploited to accurately control some of the material?s electronic properties, such as the sudden transition from a conductive to an insulating state.

Researchers use diamondization of mechanically exfoliated few-layer graphene via compression, to synthesize the long-sought-after diamane film.

Two new studies determine how to harness the might of phosphorene while mitigating its two main deterrents - cost and durability.

Scientists have developed a nanopore technique which, in laboratory tests, has shown potential to offer a powerful, quick-and-easy tool for mutation detection.

Researchers researcher demonstrate that a gentle wind-driven triboelectric nanogenerator can efficiently harvest energy from ultralowspeed wind/airflow of 0.7?6 m meters per second.

Researchers have exploited the opto-thermoelectric effect to develop a new type of all-optical microswimmers with active navigation functionality. These microswimmers consist of individual Janus particles - polystyrene beads half coated with gold nanoparticles - that can be directionally delivered over 22 times of their own diameters in 39 seconds. The opto-thermoelectric field triggers two working states - swimming and rotating - under different laser inputs. Combined with a feedback control algorithm to coordinate swimming and rotating states of the swimmers based on real-time imaging, precise all-optical navigation and target delivery becomes possible.

Citizen scientists and NOIRLab facilities key to discovery of almost 100 nearby cool brown dwarfs.

Scientists have now simulated and evaluated one hundred possible 2D materials for building high-performance transistors and discovered 13 promising candidates.

Researchers have discovered a way to bind two negatively charged electron-like particles which could create opportunities to form novel materials for use in new technological developments.

Scientists have detected a mysterious gamma-ray heartbeat coming from a cosmic gas cloud. The inconspicuous cloud in the constellation Aquila is beating with the rhythm of a neighbouring precessing black hole, indicating a connection between the two objects.

Der US-Präsident sieht in der chinesischen App eine Bedrohung und will sie in den USA verboten sehen. Dagegen scheint das Mutterunternehmen nun juristisch vorgehen zu wollen.

«Gamer Grandma» Hamako Mori ist laut «Guinness World Records» die älteste Gamerin der Welt. Ihr Lieblingsspiel: «Grand Theft Auto V».

Der kontroverse Clip zur Begrenzungsinitiative wurde auf dem offiziellen Kanal der SVP Schweiz gesperrt. Warum? Ein Experte gibt Antwort.

Ein Experte hat Fälle aufgedeckt, bei denen Microsoft User aus ihren Onlinekonten ausgesperrt hat – teils aus unerfindlichen Gründen. Was man als Betroffener tun kann – und wie man sich schützt.

Gerüchte um das neue Apple-Smartphone haben Hochsaison. Wir fassen zusammen und verraten, was in den nächsten Wochen auf uns zukommt.

Instagram, Youtube und jetzt auch noch Tiktok – der Siegeszug der sozialen Medien ist ungebrochen. Mit unserer Anleitung sind Ruhm und Reichtum auch für Sie in Griffnähe.

Wetten, dass Sie von diesen vier Tipps noch nicht alle kannten? Wie Sie mit vier einfachen Kniffen Zeit und Nerven sparen.

Drei Monate hat der Mutterkonzern Zeit, sich von allen Daten seiner US-User zu trennen. Dies hat der Präsident angeordnet, nachdem er bereits US-Bürgern Geschäfte mit dem chinesischen Unternehmen untersagt hatte.

Schon nächsten Monat soll das Surface Duo auf den Markt kommen. Möglich macht das ausgerechnet Google.

Um die Nutzung von 4G-Patenten im iPhone und anderen Geräten zu kompensieren, wurde Apple von einem Gericht in Texas zu einer Zahlung verurteilt.

Sieben Methoden, mit denen Sie Familie und Freunde an Ihrer fotografischen Ausbeute aus den Ferien teilhaben lassen.

Handys, Tablets, Uhren und Kopfhörer: Die neusten Geräte der Südkoreaner sollen uns vergangene Schwächen vergessen lassen – und Apple Konkurrenz machen.