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Sat, 23:30 An anonymous reader writes "I guess is was inevitable, now that BMW is letting you view and make tweets from behind the wheel, but is it really a good idea to let people run smartphone apps from their dashboard monitor? I guess for navigation you could run your favorite map-app there, but there is nothing to stop people from running other apps on their dashboard too. It might be better than texting from the handset, but I'm not sure I want people playing Angry Birds while they drive."

Sat, 22:27 New submitter brabq writes "Now that I have a couple of CableCard tuner devices in the house (including the network-based HDHomeRun Prime), I'm thinking of buying one of those all-in-one touchscreen PCs for our kitchen (yeah, something I've always sworn against for future repair reasons). The idea is that it would be used primarily for (1) watching TV, via the aforementioned Prime and WMC, and (2) light web surfing (recipes, some sort of video chat possibly). Does anyone have any experience with these types of devices in a kitchen-like setting (where I'd like to use a touchscreen over having a keyboard/mouse on a kitchen counter)? I keep hearing that Windows 8 is going to have some added benefits to this type of setup — is it worth waiting for its release? My end goal is it has to have a high WAF ... if my wife doesn't like its appearance on the counter or finds it useless, then the whole thing will be a waste."

Sat, 21:29 longacre writes "Suzy Harriston wanted to be friends on Facebook. The profile said she was from Clayton [Missouri] and had more than 300 friends, many of them from Clayton High School. No one seemed to question who Harriston was. That is, until the night of April 5, when a 2011 grad and former Clayton quarterback posted a public accusation. '"Whoever is friends with Suzy Harriston on Facebook needs to drop them. It is the Clayton Principal," wrote Chase Haslett.' Suzy Harriston quickly disappeared from Facebook, and Louise Losos, the principal, subsequently took a leave of absence, and then resigned."

Sat, 20:39 AmiMoJo writes "Japan's last active reactor is shutting down today, leaving the country without nuclear energy for the first time since 1970. All 50 commercial reactors in the country are now offline. 19 have been completed stress tests but there is little prospect of them being restarted due to heavy opposition from local governments. Meanwhile activists in Tokyo celebrated the shutdown and asked the government to admit that nuclear power was no longer needed in Japan and to concentrate on safety. If this summer turns out to be as hot as 2010 some areas could be asked to make 15% power savings to avoid shortages, while other areas will be unaffected due to savings already made."

Sat, 19:28 choongiri writes "Canada's election fraud scandal continues to unfold. Elections Canada just matched the IP address used to set up thousands of voter suppression robocalls to one used by a Conservative Party operative, and a comparison of call records found a perfect match between the illegal calls, and records of non-supporters in the Conservative Party's CIMS voter tracking database, as well as evidence access logs may have been tampered with. Meanwhile, legal challenges to election results are underway in seven ridings, and an online petition calling for an independent public inquiry into the crisis has amassed over 44,000 signatures. The Conservative Party still maintains their innocence, calling it a baseless smear campaign."

Sat, 18:32 Hugh Pickens writes "Sascha Segan writes that although Verizon adamantly denies steering customers away from Apple's iPhones in favor of 4G LTE-enabled Android devices, he is convinced that Verizon has a strong reason to push buyers away from the iPhone. 'Here's the problem,' writes Segan. 'Verizon has spent millions of dollars rolling out its massive LTE network' but the carrier can't easily add capacity on its old 3G network. Since the iPhone isn't a 4G, phone sales of Verizon iPhones just crowd up their already busy 3G network while their 4G network has plenty of space. 'The iPhone is a great device. But it's making a crowded network more crowded. Until the LTE iPhone comes along, to rebalance its network, Verizon may quietly push Android phones.'"

Sat, 17:34 skipkent writes "Defense Secretary Leon Panetta declared global warming a national security threat [Wednesday] during a speech before an environmentalist group in Washington, D.C. 'The area of climate change has a dramatic impact on national security,' Panetta told the Environmental Defense Fund last night. 'Rising sea levels, severe droughts, the melting of the polar caps, the more frequent and devastating natural disasters all raise demand for humanitarian assistance and disaster relief.'"

Sat, 16:36 wiredmikey writes "On Wednesday, a remote code execution vulnerability in PHP was accidentally exposed to the Web, prompting fears that it may be used to target vulnerable websites on a massive scale. The bug itself was traced back to 2004, and came to light during a recent CTF competition. 'When PHP is used in a CGI-based setup (such as Apache's mod_cgid), the php-cgi receives a processed query string parameter as command line arguments which allows command-line switches, such as -s, -d or -c to be passed to the php-cgi binary, which can be exploited to disclose source code and obtain arbitrary code execution,' a CERT explains. PHP developers pushed a fix for the flaw, resulting in the release of PHP 5.3.12 and 5.4.2, but as it turns out it didn't actually remove the vulnerability."

Sat, 15:35 yyzmcleod writes with this excerpt: "A research team at Queen's University has created a human-scale 3D hologram pod that allows people in different locations to videoconference as if they are standing in front of each other. Called TeleHuman, the technology is the creation of professor Roel Vertegaal, director of the Human Media Lab, and his graduate team at the Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario. Similar to the Star Trek holodeck, participants can walk around the 3D hologram of the remote person they're talking to and view them from all sides. More importantly, the system captures 3D visual cues that 2D video miss, such as head orientation, gaze and overall body posture."

Sat, 14:30 An anonymous reader writes "Microsoft researchers have analyzed a new piece of Mac malware that uses a multi-stage attack similar to typical Windows malware infection routines. In a post titled 'An interesting case of Mac OSX malware' the Microsoft Malware Protection Center closed with this statement: 'In conclusion, we can see that Mac OSX is not safe from malware. Statistically speaking, as this operating system gains in consumer usage, attacks on the platform will increase. Exploiting Mac OSX is not much different from other operating systems. Even though Mac OSX has introduced many mitigation technologies to reduce risk, your protection against security vulnerabilities has a direct correlation with updating installed applications.'"

Sat, 12:43 MatthewVD writes "A new, user interface-enabled generation of electronics that you wear under your skin could be used for convenience, or even pleasure, rather than medical reasons. Scientists at Autodesk Research in Toronto have implanted electronics with user buttons, pressure sensors and LEDs under the skin of a cadaver's arm and wrapped in artificial skin. The electronics could buzz you when you have an appointment, carry memory cards with data, or connect you in a social network with others wearing electronics."

Sat, 10:02 First time accepted submitter unmole writes "It seems that India's Department of Telecom has instructed ISP's to block popular torrent trackers like the Pirate Bay and IsoHunt. Visitors now see a page (Screenshot) informing that 'This site has been blocked as per instructions from Department of Telecom (DOT),' with no additional details. The Department of Telecom has not made any public announcement to this effect. This comes months after an Indian court gave the green signal for prosecuting social networking sites."

Sat, 07:17 daria42 writes "Looks like Apple isn't the only company with interesting offshore taxation practices. The financial statements for Google's Australian subsidiary show the company told the Australian Government it made just $200 million in revenue in 2011 in Australia, despite local industry estimating it actually brought in closer to $1 billion. The rest was funnelled through Google's Irish subsidiary and not disclosed in Australia. Consequently the company only disclosed taxation costs in Australia of $74,000. Not bad work if you can get it — which Google apparently can."

Sat, 04:25 jjslash writes "It has been six years in the making, with the original goal of the project intending to reignite computer programming in schools across the country. Despite those honorable intentions, the $35 ARM-based credit-card sized computer has captured the imagination of programmers, consumers and tinkerers alike, resulting in unprecedented demand for the product. Last month the first 10,000 credit-card sized computers were set to make their way to those who pre-ordered them back in February. TechSpot takes a look at the Pi Model B, covering the basic steps for setting up the computer, as well as basic post-installation tasks those first using it might encounter."

Sat, 01:48 Overly Critical Guy writes "Auto makers are launching a universal EV charger that charges an electric vehicle in 15 to 20 minutes. The standard, called Combined Charging System, has been approved by the Society of Automotive Engineers and ACEA, the European association of vehicle manufacturers, as the standard for fast-charging electric vehicles."

Sat, 23:00 Der PowerEdge M710 bietet mit bis zu zwei Sockeln Platz für die breite Angebotspalette der Intel-Xeon-Serien 5500 und 5600. Eingebaut wird der Blade-Server in das PowerEdge M1000e-Chassis mit Platz für ...

Sat, 11:33 Snort ist ein plattformunabhängiges Intrusion Detection System, mit nahezu einer halben Million Nutzern. Das Tool bietet umfangreiche Regelsätze die regelmäßig erweitert werden. Eine Enterprise Variante ...

Sat, 11:31 Der Nitro PDF Reader ist einer der mächtigsten PDF-Reader auf dem Markt. Die Benutzeroberfläche ist an das aus Microsoft Office bekannte Ribbon-Interface angelehnt. Wir haben unseren Eintrag in der Produktdatenbank ...

Sat, 11:31 Für Windows Phone 7 bietet Microsoft die "Group Policy Search"-App an, in der Informationen über alle Gruppenrichtlinienobjekte von Windows zusammengefasst sind. Die App eignet sich als Nachschlagewerk ...

Sat, 09:44 Auf den meisten Windows-Rechnern gibt der Desktop ein schwaches Bild ab. Entweder er wird kaum für persönliche Verknüpfungen genutzt oder er ist mit Icons überfüllt. Nützliche Gratis-Tools für den Arbeitsplatz ...

Sat, 09:24 Die Funktionalität und der Nutzwert von Android-Smartphones und Tablets werden durch das Angebot an Apps ständig erweitert. Mittelweile verfügt der Android Market über mehr als 580.000 Apps. Wir haben ...

Sat, 08:00 Testen Sie Ihr IT-Wissen! Jeden Tag finden Sie bei TecChannel eine Frage aus dem IT-Bereich, deren richtige Antwort Sie als IT-Experte kennen sollten. Machen Sie kostenlos mit und erweitern Sie Ihre IT-Kenntnisse!

Sat, 07:45 Netzwerk- und Serverüberwachung ist eine zeitraubende und kostenaufwendige Arbeit. Wer Lizenzkosten bei der Überwachungssoftware sparen will, für den gibt es einige interessante Open-Source-Alternativen, ...

Sat, 07:17 Wer hat wann worauf zugegriffen? Für Ernst & Young ist das die zentrale Frage zum Schutz von Firmendaten. Die iPads der Mitarbeiter zu überwachen gehöre allerdings nicht zu den Aufgaben der IT-Abteilung. ...

Sat, 07:00 Mit crunchSMS nutzen Sie das populäre Blasendarstellung auch auf Ihrem Blackberry. So haben Sie Konversationen schneller im Blick. Die App ist zudem hochgradig konfigurierbar und schnell an Ihre Vorlieben ...

Fri, 23:00 Auch kleinere Betriebe sind auf den Schutz ihrer IT-Infrastruktur angewiesen. An diese Zielgruppe richtet sich die UTM-Appliance SonicWALL NSA 240. Sie bietet ausreichend Leistung kleinere Netwzerke zu ...

Fri, 23:00 Windows merkt sich alle USB-Geräte, die jemals mit dem Rechner verbunden wurden. Mit USBDeview erhalten Sie Zugriff auf diese Auflistung und entfernen Geräte gezielt. Wir haben die Informationen rund ...

Fri, 23:00 PhpMyAdmin ist eines der beliebtesten Tools wenn es um die Administration von MySQL-Datenbanken geht. Nicht ohne Grund: Das Tool ist recht intuitiv, äußerst umfangreich und obendrein kostenlos. Wir haben ...

Fri, 23:00 Update in der Produktdatenbank: Neue Informationen und Testdaten eingepflegt

Fri, 23:00 iOutBank Pro eignet sich für den schnellen Blick auf alle eigenen Konten und deren Verwaltung. Die Software auf Basis des HBCI-Standards ist mit vielen Geldinstituten kompatibel. Alle Daten werden verschlüsselt ...

Fri, 23:00 Mit der App group sms email & template verschicken Sie ganz einfach Kurznachrichten oder E-Mails an vorher definierte Kontaktgruppen. So halten Sie alle Kontakte schnell auf dem laufenden, beispielsweise ...

Fri, 23:00 Mit Rolf Borsts App Funktionsplotter sind Sie auch unterwegs in der Lage, Funktionen grafisch darzustellen. Zusätzlich gibt die App die zugehörigen Wertetabellen aus und definiert die wichtigsten Punkte ...

Fri, 23:00 Update in der Produktdatenbank: Huawei MediaPad 10 FHD bekommt dockbare Tastatur! Auf dem Mobile World Congress 2012 in Barcelona hat Huawei sein erstes 10-Zoll-Tablet mit Vierkern-CPU vorgestellt. Wie ...

Fri, 23:00 Das Tool Find And Replace zielt auf Webadmins, die große Mengen von HTML-Dateien auf einmal mit Regular Expressions bearbeiten möchten. Aber auch viele andere nützliche Funktionen wie eine Vorschaufunktion, ...

Fri, 23:00 Der Revo Uninstaller ist gut zum Deinstallieren von Programmen und zum Aufräumen des Autostart-Ordners geeignet. Mit seinen Erweiterungen lassen sich auch unliebsame Verlaufsspüren dauerhaft löschen. ...

Fri, 23:00 Update in der Produktdatenbank: Das Honour von Huawei verwendet jetzt Android 4.0.3. Huawei vermarktet das Honour international auch unter dem Namen Honor.

Fri, 23:00 Avira hat die neue Version seiner Internet Security Suite vorgestellt. Neben dem Antivirusmodul helfen Ihnen aus dem Paket auch eine Firewall, Schutz vor Phishing, Spam, direkten Angriffen und vielem ...

Fri, 20:03 Die Bundesnetzagentur hat ihren Jahresbericht 2011 vorgestellt. Demnach waren zum Jahresende 2011 hierzulande 27,3 Millionen Breitband-Anschlüsse in Betrieb. Die dominierende Anschlusstechnologie ist ...

Fri, 17:32 Update in der Produktdatenbank: Neue Details über das Fujitsu Stylistic M532. Das 10-Zoll große Tablet basiert auf Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich und arbeitet mit Nvidias Tegra 3 Prozessor. Fujitsu verspricht ...

Fri, 15:00 Update in der Produktdatenbank: Samsung hat sein neues Flagschiff Galaxy S III vorgestellt. Der Androide tritt als iPhone-Killer an und überzeugt mit Superlativen: Android 4.0.4, 4,8" AMOLED mit 1280x720 ...

Sat, 22:50 They're everywhere, and easily scanned -- but that innocuous code might whisk your smartphone to a different site -- and more trouble -- than you expect.

Sat, 21:45 Analysis: The $130 Bluetooth keyboard is thin and versatile, supporting third-gen iPad features, and goes on sale this month.

Sat, 21:07 The jury reaches a partial verdict in the copyright phase of Oracle's intellectual property dispute with Google, and gets another day to resolve the remaining issue.

Sat, 20:37 Notorious file-sharing site The Pirate Bay is urging its UK users to lobby against a government plan to block access to its services.

Sat, 19:49 Want a quirky new look? How about swapping human hair for Lego bricks? Yes, you read that right...

Sat, 19:29 The Adobe fix aims to cure a vulnerability in all versions of the player, but has so far been used only to attack Windows systems using Internet Explorer.

Sat, 18:40 Apple's patent applications describe an advanced, multi-tiered haptic technology that allows "textured feedback" as well as updated battery design and camera.

Sat, 17:06 Now you can see if someone has read your text message and it's easier to tell if someone is typing and where they're located.

Sat, 16:40 IBM and others are already developing solid-state chip technology using phase-change memory, which IBM says can sustain up to 5 million write cycles.

Sat, 16:21 The Glancee purchase is another move to beef up the online social network's mobile offering and follows close on the heels of its $1 billion purchase of Instagram.

Sat, 15:55 Analysis: You just feed the free Mac app a pair of iTunes-library XML files, and it shows you which songs exist in one library but not the other.

Sat, 15:32 The goal is to give IT managers a way to perform a wide variety of security checks on both the servers, usually virtualized, and the data they use in public and hybrid clouds.

Sat, 15:09 The free game assumes groups of non-experts can learn to recognize microscopic images of infectious disease cells with the accuracy of trained pathologists.

Sat, 14:50 Once a leader in the online world, Yahoo has been overshadowed by players like Google and Facebook, and the company is struggling to regain its top-tier status.

Sat, 03:05 Adobe today warned that hackers are exploiting a critical vulnerability in its popular Flash Player program, and issued an emergency update to patch the bug.

Sat, 02:47 In a major update, several long-awaited features give this free and open source PhotoShop alternative a significant boost.

Sat, 02:22 CTIA 2012, the big U.S. mobile phone and tablet show, kicks off Monday. Will a few very hot LTE phones make their debut?

Sat, 02:05 Android malware being automatically distributed from hacked websites looks like it's being used to mask online purchases.

Sat, 00:40 The deadline to migrate email domains and websites hosted on the Microsoft Office Live Small Business (OLSB) online service suite passed on Monday.

Sat, 00:29 It could be from one of seven carriers that Samsung let slip Friday on an online form.

Sat, 00:10 Most users of Facebook and Google had fundamental gaps in understanding, even after reading privacy policies, about how the websites handled their information.

Fri, 23:56 The media misread the data, an NDC analyst explains.

Fri, 23:41 Penn State scientists develop starch fibers that could be used in bandages, paper products, and more.

Fri, 23:10 The first wave of laptops with Intel's latest third-generation Core processors started shipping this week with Windows 7 but can they be upgraded to Windows 8?

Fri, 22:33 Third-party warranty provider SquareTrade will service your iPhone--even if you jailbroke it.

Fri, 21:43 These lower-priced Ultrabooks will use plastic materials for the chassis, rather than the more pricey aluminum used today.

Fri, 21:00 Are Ivy Bridge chips really hotter than Sandy Bridge? If you buy a cheap printer, will you pay more for ink? Is the new Nook with Glowlight the e-reader to beat?

Fri, 20:26 If you value users’ freedom from restrictions in accessing movies, music, literature, and software, consider adding your voice to this international protest.

Fri, 20:00 Oracle has asked a judge to bar Google from using some testimony given by former Sun Microsystems CEO Jonathan Schwartz in the companies' intellectual-property...

Fri, 19:55 In San Francisco? Celebrate Cinco de Mayo and Star Wars Day by calling in an on-demand mariachi band!

Fri, 19:50 Apple refines the iPhone's resolution, while Android phones just keep getting bigger ... and perhaps morphing into tablets.

Fri, 19:21 Microsoft plans to ship seven security updates next week, of them three critical, to patch 23 bugs in Windows, Office, Silverlight and .Net.

Fri, 19:16 This guy gets Android Ice Cream Sandwich running on their laptop, everything appears to work just fine.

Fri, 18:56 The iPad's market dominance will wane by 2017, while the popularity of Amazon's Kindle Fire is already shrinking.

Fri, 18:50 As the earnings season wanes, quarterly financial reports from the tech sector continue to be mixed, though shares in IT companies are still up for the year.

Fri, 18:30 The person who pays for the Internet access is not necessarily the person who pirated the film, New York judge declares.

Fri, 17:30 For the first time, on Friday, a European Commissioner has said openly that the controversial Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) is more or less dead in...

Fri, 17:25 Third-party programs must fill the gap in Windows 8's lackluster multi-monitor support; here's one viable option.

Fri, 17:08 Docs continues to inch closer to Microsoft Word, this time with a wealth of snazzy fonts and some great business templates.

Fri, 16:56 Google is laying down fiber in Kansas City, and Hollywood is worried about one thing only: movie piracy.

Fri, 16:15 UPDATE: Facebook is aiming to initially price shares between $28 and $35, according to documents filed after the markets closed Thursday.

Fri, 15:51 Microsoft's Windows 8 will not ship with support for DVD playback. It says DVD playback will require a "marginal cost" OS upgrade or a third-party solution.

Fri, 15:03 Many people are concerned that websites are spying on their online activity. They don't realize they agreed to be monitored simply by visiting the site.

Fri, 15:00 We bring you another weekend of free games, including a typing game where words have power and a platformer where you collect and deploy new platforms.

Fri, 14:50 Samsung Electronics will be allowed to challenge the validity of an Apple patent before a decision is made on whether Samsung has infringed the patent, the...

Fri, 14:40 The acquisition will give LinkedIn users access to the tool that shares presentations online, as the networking site seeks to make its site more of a destination.

Fri, 13:34 Rock Band maker Electronic Arts assured customers it was not shutting down its iOS version of the popular music game despite a message sent out earlier this week by the company announcing it would close the game.

Fri, 13:25 McAfee antivirus founder John McAfee is reportedly taking legal advice after a raid on his Belize home by police resulted in the software entrepreneur's arrest.

Fri, 11:40 As China leads the world in smartphone shipments, top handset vendors are raising their stakes in the nation, and will likely bring more exclusive products and...

Fri, 08:50 Yahoo is said to have written to Facebook indicating that it believes that 16 patents it claims to hold "may be relevant" to open source technology allegedly...

Sat, 21:00 Facebook is rolling out its Offers marketing platform to local businesses in the U.S.. Before, Offers - which competes with Google's platform by the same name - had been available to a limited number of test partners during the last four months.

Sat, 19:00 A new study indicates that 13 million Facebook users in the U.S. alone do not use or are unaware of the social network's privacy controls. Most Facebook users have no idea how much data they're willing giving out on the social networking site.

Sat, 17:00 Professional social network LinkedIn is to acquire business presentation-sharing site SlideShare, an online storage website for users to share business presentations, for $118.8 million, as it looks to boost its content services.

Sat, 15:00 Yahoo's leadership dramas refuse to die down. Recently appointed chief executive Scott Thompson may have embellished his resume by claiming to hold a degree in accounting and computer science, when the degree was actually just for accounting.

Fri, 22:30 Why does the Star Wars theme resonate so much with our industry? Try and deny it, young SEO. George Lucas is your father. Search your heart, you know it be true. Here are SEW's favorite Star Wars parodies and remixes.

Fri, 20:00 Wil Wheaton may no longer be the “mortal enemy” of fictional character Sheldon Cooper on the CBS TV Show "The Big Bang Theory", but the actor and writer isn’t hiding his contempt for how Google is forcing Google+ down the throats of users.

Fri, 16:00 What can in-house SEOs do if/when Google’s algorithm updates, such as Penguin, hit your website hard? Besides avoiding SEO shortcuts to get your site top rankings on search engines, having a plan of action and creating a long-term plan can help.

Fri, 14:00 While SEOs and webmasters this side of China are busy analyzing what might constitute over-optimization and how to recover from Google Penguin, let's examine one under optimized website. And might this "natural beauty" offer any SEO insights?

Fri, 12:00 Despite some rough edges, Percollate (part social media monitoring tool, part meta-search for social scores) has value for any product manager, link builder or marketeer who needs to engage with key Twitter influencers (or users at any level).

Fri, 10:00 Marketers and researchers who seek to act on a variety of digital marketing objectives should ask these types of questions via consumer surveys to improve media performance, drive engagement, acquire customers, and build their brand.

Fri, 07:00 What began with chalk drawings on unused advertising panels in New York City subways ended with international superstardom and a life cut prematurely short, all within the space of a decade. Today’s Google Doodle celebrates Keith Haring.

Fri, 00:00 Yahoo Small Business hopes to grow by offering small businesses an integrated marketing dashboard to manage and expand their digital marketing efforts. The dashboard provides a consolidated view of a business’s marketing results and reputation.

Thu, 22:00 Foursquare will charge businesses a fee of $10 to instantly verify their page online. In the past, restaurants, bars, and shops have had to mail in their application and wait for approval. The process typically took weeks to complete.

Thu, 16:00 "Google drives all my traffic, now I'm screwed!” It’s a familiar refrain among small- to medium-sized businesses in the wake of Google Penguin. Learn how adding the influence of social media and public relations to your marketing mix can help.

Thu, 14:00 We live in a world with no shortage of tools. We’ve assembled a list of some of our in-shop favorites tools, ranging from streamlined image editors to dynamic databases, from unassuming to in-your-face, as well as various practical uses for each.

Thu, 12:00 How do start search marketing on Baidu? Here are some tips that provide insights into how to deal with Baidu on the paid search side, as well as what you need to do to be certain that your site is being listed in Baidu’s organic search results.

Thu, 10:00 F-commerce seems on the decline among big brands, as major retailers forego selling through Facebook and redirect budget to their own e-commerce sites. Is F-commerce a fad and how can Facebook help e-tailers succeed in their social space?

Thu, 08:00 How does Google use human raters as part of its algorithm? Do those raters have a direct affect on Google’s search results and rankings? Google’s Distinguished Engineer Matt Cutts discusses search quality raters in this Google Webmaster Help video.

Wed, 23:00 Calling it a "fresh, de-cluttered experience," Bing has launched a new design for its search result pages. The new design removes the left sidebar that previously contained related searches, options to refine your search and search history settings.

Wed, 21:00 Those in charge of SEO for websites or brands impacted by the Penguin update are scrambling to find answers and insights in order to hopefully stay afloat. Clearly, the rules have changed. Building a business purely with SEO no longer works.

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